Where is the best place to study?

Everyone is unique. We like different things, learn in different ways and also have varying preferences when it comes time to places we like to study. Some of us like noise and commotion around us, while others prefer total silence, where even a pin drop would not be welcomed.

If you like to study in silence…

Some places that can be very quiet include cafes, libraries, your bedroom, the park, beach or backyard on a nice day. If you like studying at home, like me, create a space that helps you keep the quiet going. If you have devices in your room, put them away for a bit. Turn your phone off, light a candle, close the door and get a comfy chair and table set up.

It might take some trial and error to find the places where you feel the most comfortable. But give it a go and see which one you like best.

If you like to study with a bit of background noise…

A great idea would be to choose to study somewhere quiet but with a bit of background music, perhaps playing through headphones. In some cafes, the patrons speak in hushed tones which blend into each other to form a sort of white noise.

If you like to study in a high level of noise…

Perhaps, a bustling café, shopping centre or the park near a playground would be more your speed. Places around your city centre or popular tourist attractions will always have some level of commotion going on. Just choose a spot to sit where you won’t be in the way of others walking past!

You might also choose to study with a friend, and let’s be honest, your friend will most likely be noisy – perfect for you.

The one thing all these study preferences have in common, is that you are comfortable in whatever place you choose. Keep up the hustle!

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