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We are experienced, skilled and sustainable

Our mission is to provide all students with an individualised program tailored to their unique needs while instilling a love of learning. With our caring and thoughtful tutors, we believe in our students and guide them to develop a growth mindset – a belief in themselves. We exist to unlock every student’s potential. No matter what you’re learning, we’ve got you covered.

From humble beginnings, here’s our story

From humble beginnings in 2010, TutorCo founder, Lina Pietrasik, began her career in childhood education. This quickly evolved to a Year Level Coordinator role and a respected Sustainability Leader in Melbourne.

In addition to teaching, community lies very close to Lina’s heart, proudly speaking at and advocating for initiatives championed by Zoos Victoria and Planet Ark. Our company takes pride in supporting these greatly significant causes and the important work they undertake.

Participating in socially conscious initiatives, TutorCo endeavours to be as environmentally friendly as possible with an all online approach, limiting the use of unnecessary paper and printing.

Our personalised approach:

Every student is unique and has different learning styles. Every tutor has different skills and unique experiences. We celebrate these differences and create a match that is one of a kind.


Comprehensive progress reports are prepared frequently for every student. This helps parents follow their child’s learning. We are here to help your child take their learning to the next level and to celebrate all the gains, large or small, along the way.

We Care

We take care of our tutors so they can take care of you. Our tutors are focused on providing the best tutoring service to your child as we take care of  all the rest.

Some words from our founder

I grew up with a younger sibling, a brother, 6 years my junior. As the age gap was quite significant, we bonded over playing ‘Schools’, our favourite game. We would spend hours playing with a mini whiteboard which was very hip and modern at the time, how things have changed.

In my early teenage years, I first vocalised “I want to be a teacher” to my parents, and it wasn’t so easily accepted in my family. After many hours discussing other career pathways, they questioned why I wanted a career in teaching. I didn’t really know why, but I always knew I wanted to help people in some way.

After finishing my school studies, I began tutoring Maths and English to students of all ages while completing a double degree at Monash University. This continued throughout my career and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching for a further 10 years at various schools in Victoria.

My father, an engineer, always taught me the importance of deeply understanding mathematical concepts. Algebraic formulas work a certain way for a reason and if you really understand the ‘why’, you will understand the process (the ‘how’), not simply memorising it and moving on. This teaching philosophy has helped my students to think and understand what they are really learning so they can tackle new challenges with deep understanding and skills, not just relying on their recollection. It’s not enough to simply supply the answers; we need to provide a scaffold for our students and guide them.

From our family to yours,

Lina Pietrasik

Left to right: Lina with her husband Marcel and two week old son Leo, nationally nominated teachers – A Day Made Better program, speaking at a sustainability conference at Melbourne Zoo.