Be ready for your exams!

Studying is by no means an easy feat. There are some strategies you can use to make your time and effort more efficient that will also help you commit more to memory and your understanding. We have listed some strategies below.

Note taking: 

  • Dot points are an easy way to organise your notes and ideas.
  • Use cue cards to write down definitions.
  • Use diagrams and pictures to help explain a concept. These stick in your memory much better than paragraphs of words.
  • Try to chunk your information in meaningful ways. For example, in English include character tables with quotes, themes, descriptions etc. for each main character. For Maths, group the information by topics and include examples.

Manage your time:

  • Remove all those time sucking electronic devices. They are not your friend during study time. 
  • Make a plan in a diary of what you would like to do and when – a study timetable. As you move throughout the day/week, tick each item off. This feeling of accomplishing a task is a great motivator to keep going. 
  • Set time limits and stick to them. It’s easy to get carried away in one subject. Try to divide your time equally between all subjects.

Prepare for your exams:

  • Get a friend or parent to test you on your knowledge. 
  • Complete trial and past exams/SACs.
  • Practise writing essays and ask your teacher to mark them.
  • Make summaries of notes.

The more passion you devote to study and practise, the greater outcome you will receive. It is not all about spending many hours studying, it is about effective studying, which leads to remembering more concepts and understanding the information in your chosen subjects. Don’t dwell on past exams, move on, complete them all and then celebrate this massive achievement!

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